Bansuri Eastern Indian Super Bass Flutes

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Large Deep tone flutes for the tall person or professional players.
Please be aware, these are very long flutes and hard to reach all of the
holes. I would suggest anyone trying to use these be 6 foot tall or have
very large hands and long fingers. I can not reach all of the holes on these
flutes. I am 5 ' 10"

Typically I suggest a smaller flute to start but if your a big, big person,
you may be ok. The longer the flute,
the more technique that is required. I do share how to play bansuri videos as
larger flutes require the fingers to lay over the holes, not the finger tips.

Typically people purchase low tone flutes in this range here..

If you are new to flute, trust me, you do not want these large flutes to start
with, if your 7 foot tall, you probably are fine though, haha!
The flutes for this listing are available in:

C 35.5 inch
C# 33 inch
D 32.3 inch
D# 30 inch
E 29 inch
Bansuri Bamboo flutes tuned in 432hz, the healing frequency.
These are an Eastern Indian style flute.
Each one is hand made.
They are very fun to play and easy to master.
Playing flute will relax the player, ease stress and it builds life force
15 mins of play is like gaining 1 hour sleep energy when the user has
accomplished true relaxation.
Meditative flutes are known to reduce stress........ this also helps one
remove disease as stress is known to increase the possibility of disease.

These are professional made, wonderful sounding and low priced for the amount
of time put into them.
These are not concert tuned flutes, they are very close and great for beginner
and intermediate. They well tuned and not toys!

Please contact me before or after purchase and we can pick out the flute you

Thank you!
Bamboo Type:
Assam Bamboo (Schizostachyum spp.) – The best and choicest Bamboo for making
the North Indian Bansuri or transverse Bamboo flute comes from the northeastern
Indian region of Assam, which is in the misty foothills of the Himalayas.
Botanically speaking, this Assam Bamboo is mainly of the genus Schizostachyum,
with multiple species of this genus being represented. The structural virtues
of this Bamboo for making the North Indian Bansuri lie mainly in the fact that
it has an extremely long distance between the nodes – so much so that an entire
Bansuri flute, with a length of over two feet (60 cm.) or more, can be made
from a single internode, excluding the nodes at both ends.

A little extra info about flutes and their relaxation and healing properties.

Imagine yourself living some 40,000 years ago. You are sitting in a cave. As
you glance at those seated next to you, you see you are part of a circle.
Filled with feelings of reverence in your collective union with the Divine, you
are here for a special purpose. The ceremony begins. Someone takes out what
appears to be a simple piece of bone and puts it to their lips. Lifting one
finger at a time, a haunting melody pours forth. This sacred song, played on a
primitive flute, takes on the voice of the All Knowing. Those who hear its
powerful sound are transported, connected to something greater than themselves.
Wisdom is shared. Decisions are made. Prayers are answered.

Centuries ago almost every world culture used the flute for ritual, healing,
education and entertainment. One of the most ancient of instruments, its
evocative sound was so powerful the Spaniards forbade the indigenous peoples of
South America to play it lest it hinder the conquest of their land.

The flute has motivated, inspired and uplifted. It has built community,
honored beginnings and endings and sent prayers to the Gods. Plato taught his
students about its healing power, and the ancient Toltecs had university
classes devoted to the study of this instrument's sounds. Historians tell us
particular attention was given to specific scales, as well as the intervals
between each note. The combinations of specific notes or frequencies,
especially that of the pentatonic (five-note) scale, were cited as being
especially powerful. These findings have provided a theoretical basis from
which many of today's sound healing and music therapy practices have been

What makes this particular instrument so powerful, so moving? Some say the
sound of the flute is closest to that of the human voice, that it bypasses the
conscious mind more effectively than other instruments. This factor may account
for its popularity and for what is often witnessed as an immediate positive
response on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. It induces a deep
state of relaxation, and the results documented include: a decrease in stress,
anxiety, pain, insomnia, and depression, as well as an increase in vitality,
clarity and a strengthening of one's connection to the Divine.

Whether wood, reed, clay or bamboo, the energy of the material with which the
flute is made is an important factor. We also know from ancient visual
depictions of flutes and flute players, flute lore and legends, these
instruments were regarded as powerful sacred tools. Thus, the power associated
with the flute's particular ritualistic use is a significant contribution.

The personal energy of the flute maker as well as that of the flute player
must also be taken into account. It is through the breath that the life force
energy is most purely transcribed, powerfully benefiting both player and
listener. In many tribes, the shaman or medicine man was also a musician.
Treatment remedies included the playing of traditional songs as well as those
"channeled" or intuited for the particular mental, physical, emotional or
spiritual ailment.

Virtually every country and culture has one or more indigenous flutes. Today,
we still see flutes made in the tradition of these ancient instruments. The
original notes, designs, and beautiful carvings and colors have remained. The
individual voices of each flute are a passport and connection to the soul of a
culture. We are truly fortunate to have so many opportunities to experience the
benefits inherent in the legacy of such a powerful healing tradition.

You can bring the healing power of the flute into your life now. We are in the
middle of a resurgence of this ancient healing art and resources abound.
Internet and library searches will provide you with several good recordings,
articles, books, videos, workshops and conferences. Consider going on your own
listening tour. Survey the flute recordings available and note which you are
most responsive to. Pay particular attention to the effect on your physical,
mental, emotional and spiritual states. You might also consider learning to
play the instrument yourself. It's fun and easy and you will be able to
experience additional healing benefits, on more levels. A quick way to get
started is to begin with a Native North or South American flute, or try an
Eastern Indian end-blown flute. They are all readily available, nominally
priced and fairly easy to play. Enjoy the journey!

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